How else but mindful?

Wherever you look you find mindfulness courses, books, retreats and other things mindfulness. So what is it actually about?

At quite an early stage on my grief journey I thought it a good idea to look into this as it might help me. I started reading and exploring and realised that I was already doing it, living mindfully. In fact, in this new normal it had become the only way of living from day to day that made sense and things somehow bearable. Walking along the beach, loch or canal…stopping to admire the clouds…listening to the birds (did anybody else find birds have suddenly become more important to them??)….sitting in the living room and fully feeling and observing what’s going on in the mind and body…how the missing and longing feels and how it affects the whole body…living intuitively and going with the flow, curious where it takes you….with kindness and compassion…..that’s all it is.

At a recent mindfulness session our co-host and inspiring mindfulness teacher summarised it in simple words:

…a kind way of being in the here and now {Dr Avinash Bansode}

The Fire & Rain Soul Spa programmes will inspire and encourage you to have the courage to be, feel and enjoy. From 2018 we’ll also run soul spas with a slightly more structured programme with mindfulness talks and meditations led by Dr Avinash Bansode – check out the 2018 programme pages. Also check out the links & resources section to learn more about mindfulness.

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