The beauty of pebbles


Do you also get really excited about finding particularly pretty pebbles? You often walk along a beach with your gaze examining the treasures on the ground in front of you….tempted to pick up yet another one…just one more..? Just found this article and I tick almost all of the boxes (except the polishing machine thing).

For me it’s not just pebbles….feathers too…

29 things that only people who collect pebbles will understand

Can’t seem to stop picking up pebbles? You’re not alone – although it can sometimes feel that way. Here are a few situations that all pebble collectors will be able to identify with.

1. You have quads and hamstrings of steel: the result of many hours of crouching, then standing up again, then crouching, then standing up again, then crouching…

2. Your family and friends can’t understand how you can spend literally hours wandering around on beaches and hillsides, picking up pebbles and putting them down again.

3. Every jacket and coat you own has a random pebble in at least one of the pockets, and sometimes the lining. You are delighted to rediscover it every single time.

4. Your family is constantly going on at you for leaving pebbles in unexpected places, like the glove compartment of the car. Or their jacket pockets.

5. You pack extra light for holidays abroad because you know you’ll need the extra weight allowance for your new, exotic pebbles on the journey home.

6. You’ve lost count of the number of books you’ve left in foreign hotels because it came down to them or the pebbles.

7. You know that the best pebbles are a pleasingly symmetrical shape.

8. Or an interestingly bizarre shape.

9. You appreciate the uniquely satisfying “hand-feel” of a good pebble.

10. And it’s really nice to hear them clinking gently when you put them in a bag.

11. Some of the best ones are unusual colours.

12. Or are pure white, like quartz.

13. Pebbles that have veins of a different colour rank very highly.

14. So do rocks that have been smashed apart by some exciting elemental force, allowing you to see the inside.

15. Your family cannot understand how you can attribute value to or even tell the difference between individual pebbles on a beach.

16. You cannot understand why your family cannot understand the innate supremacy of certain pebbles over others.

17. If you live with other people, there is often an expectation that your pebble collection should have “limits” of some kind.

18. You do not recognise this requirement.

19. You love the fact that every pebble in your collection represents a time and a place – not just in your own life, but in a vast geological continuum.

20. The fact that you cannot always remember exactly where you acquired each pebble is of little importance.

21. When it comes to downsizing your collection, you can spend hours agonising over which pebbles to get rid of.

22. Most of the time you just end up relocating pebbles from the main collection to other, less obvious places.

23. You often discover bags of pebbles in hiding places you’d forgotten about years ago.

24. For you, this is obviously a joyful reunion – but your family always act like it’s some kind of relapse.

25. You know that the best place to inspect your collection is in the bath, where the pebbles can get all shiny and show their colours properly.

26. You may even have invested in a pebble polishing machine.

27. Yes. They exist.

28. If you collect pebbles and hadn’t heard about pebble polishing machines, you just opened a new tab to search for them.

29. We know you.

{Source: BBC Radio 3, The Essay: Cornerstones,}

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