Feeling close to heaven



Did you know that Scotland has some of the highest scoring places in the world on the International Dark Sky Association’s scale of darkness?  Looking at the sky on a clear night, you can see some galaxies millions of lightyears away which you’d never be able to see in most other places, with your bare eyes.

Since THAT day in April 2015 I’ve so often been looking at the sky at night, wondering where he is now and what it’s all about….trying to understand the universe’s vastness. I’ve always felt that the sky in Scotland seems somehow closer than elsewere – e.g. than in Germany where I grew up. So the night skies are particularly impressive – you feel closer to heaven here.

Gazing at the stars also makes me feel in awe and gives me a sense of the presence of something that is much bigger that us humans…how in the universe we’re all small and insignificant, really. It helps with shifting the focus away from our own bereaved, grieving self, and understanding that we’re all connected…nobody is on their own.

The Isle of Mull, the location for some of our Soul Spas, is a perfect location for getting that in-awe sensation. As part of the Magical Mull Mindfulness Soul Spa, Ewan from Nature Scotland will take us on an unforgettable stargazing experience. Come and stargaze with us!

One thought on “Feeling close to heaven

  1. woah woah woah…its really sounds like heaven on earth…i wish i could go there at least once in my life

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