Yoga & writing for self-care

by Sarah Alexandra Teodorescu.

Each day, we and the world around us, change on a molecular level. How do we remain steady within and without, in the midst of continuous change? The daily rituals we choose to put into place for ourselves become the anchors we cast with intention. Yoga and writing are individual powerhouses of transformation and when combined, their magnitude is symbiotically amplified.

Yoga connects us to our physical body, while writing connects us with our innate, inner wisdom. When practiced together, they become transformative gateways into the self. As we move through the postures, we create space within the body. The release we create on the physical level, invites our mind to settle into its own, intuitive knowledge. It is hardwired into each of us. It is our task to find ways for it to express itself.

Sarah2Yoga in Sanskrit means union. Through yoga we strive to bridge the divide we experience within our dual-natured minds. We step onto our mat with the desire to create unity. There are three types of unions that we need to nurture in order to thrive: union with self, union with nature, and union with others. The union to self is the foundation for all others.

We use our breath, our life force, to bring awareness to our bodies, thoughts and emotions. This how we train our mind to create tiny pockets of quiet between thoughts. Within them, even if for just a few seconds, our thoughts are allowed to stop, as we lay anchored in the here and now. A fraction of a second is the necessary building block.

Fingertips are stretched out in front of the body in child’s pose. The forehead is released gently onto the mat. The belly is soft. The hips are allowed to open. The heart surrenders itself into the care of the earth. The breath is natural and fluid. The body connects with itself, and settles into stillness. This stillness will soon flow into movement, and then return again to spill into an inner calm.


The pen hovers over the blank page, as thoughts waiver in mind air. The breath is steady, the body is relaxed, and the mind is allowed to connect to the emotions that have created the thoughts. It may just be one simple word today. Tomorrow, you may begin writing the story of your future self.

Trust. Trust your body. Trust your heart.

Trust. Trust your body. Trust your heart. Trust your words to tell the stories that need to be uncovered and shared. Trust in the practices that guide you back to yourself. Be patient. Be kind. Accept that each day you will come to both the mat and the page, and that you are different and ever changing. Let the constant be the way in which you meet yourself. Greet yourself like the dearest of friends returning home, again and again. Unconditional love for who you have been, who you are, and who are becoming.

Sarah is joining us on the Hebridean Wildscapes Soul Spa in Mull (26-31 May). She will lead the twice-daily yoga sessions and show you how journal writing can support you on your healing journey.