Grief healing through yoga

by Sarah-Alexandra Teodorescu

Sarah is a yoga and creative writing teacher and has just published  new article on the benefits of a yin yoga practice. She will co-host the Còsagach ~ Creative & Yoga Soul Spa in the Isle of Mull in Scotland, 24-27 January 2019. 

A yin yoga practice can be a helpful tool in navigating, and moving through grief.

“We know that the mind stores our memories. The physical body also stores emotion and memory. Every experience we have had from birth until this very moment exists in a physical imprint in the body. Like the mind, the physical body releases and replaces memories as they are formed, and according to their significance. We know that the longer we hold a physical object, the heavier it becomes. The same is true for tension, anger, and sadness. The longer we hold on to them physically, and emotionally, the heavier they become. We must create the time and space in which to release them.”

You can read the full article here.

Yoga for grief healing - yin yoga savasana pose
Supported savasana pose

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