So what do guests get out of a Soul Spa?

Offering nice retreats and holidays is one thing… but what really counts is what guests get out of them, the difference they make. Like all businesses Fire & Rain started with an idea, a vision. I saw a great need for uplifting, authentic and personal holiday experiences for people who, like me, have lost their life partner. I wanted to create something that can make a real difference to people’s lives by offering new inspiration and hope, using a range of ingredients I’ve found helpful on my own grieving journey. And this is what I hoped guests would get out of the experience:

  • A soul spa is an opportunity to step back and relax and just allow anything that comes up – something we usually don’t dare to do in daily life.
  • The soul spas are a reminder how important self-care is. We often forget this. And just being cooked for can be so nice!
  • Guests get new ideas and inspiration – They can try out new things which they may want to build into their daily lives, into their new normal – yoga, writing, walking, creative things, making natural skincare, and much more.
  • Being in this inspiring environment can kind of spark something in people that leads to other positive steps.
  • And, very importantly, they make new friends. We have some very active Whatsapp groups and people soul spas tend to keep in touch with each other. Even if they don’t  – they know they could if they wanted.

It makes me very happy to report that the soul spas are indeed achieving their “intended outcomes” (excuse the consultancy speak, I was a management consultant in my “old” life), and more! I know this from the feedback guests give during and after the soul spa. And because many of us are still keeping in touch long after the soul spa has ended, I also know that the outcomes seem to be real and lasting.

To give you a sense of what guests get out of the retreats we’ve just added more feedback and photos to this website – click here to find out more.

Thank you Ute and Andrew. This week has been a revelation on many fronts. My yoga and meditation journey will continue, along with the friendships I have forged. Ute, thank you providing the perfect environment that has enabled me to feel safe, so looked after and able to be myself. Every day brought new experiences, meaningful chats, loads of laughter and tears. I feel ready to face another day.
Maria x

With our wonderful guests!