Lessons from Grief

Fire & Rain co-host Sarah-Alexandra Teodorescu crafted these beautiful words after our recent Soul Spa on the Isle of Bute (Feb 22)….

Lessons From Grief

We are all grieving
For what has been lost,
And for all that will never be.
We are grieving in solitude
Individually and collectively.

We have been taught to silence our grief
We fear that grief shared is grief multiplied.
Tell me of yours and I will tell you of mine.
We must speak it out loud
This is how we survive.

One day we will each grieve
Someone we love,
Something we miss,
A part of us that is dying
So that we may exist.

Our bodies,
Our loved ones,
The standing stones,
And the fallen trees,
The Earth nourishes, grieves and receives.

Do not imprison grief.
Let the winds carry it,
Let the fire cleanse it,
Let the water soothe it,
Let nature hold and heal it.

Grief is not our enemy.
Grief is simply love displaced.
To grieve is to admit
That hope lives here
And rises still.