Good Grief? Programme on Channel 4

Back in February we had another amazing Soul Spa at Munros on the Isle of Bute. And now that the programme has been announced I’m allowed to talk about how this retreat was a bit different…

The Reverend Richard Coles – ex-Communard, author and broadcaster – was one of the guests and some of the time we were accompanied by the friendly TV crew from Bowled Over Media. Heidi Gomes and her team were filming for the Good Grief? programme, a documentary on Richard’s healing journey following the death of his husband David. The Fire & Rain retreat was one in a series of grief support events Richard attended for the documentary.

My co-host Sarah and I were so pleased Richard had opted to fully and wholeheartedly take part in the retreat right from the start, rather than dipping in briefly to get the filming done. And his moving feedback made us very happy as he described how much he’d got out of the experience.

You can watch the programme on Monday 8 August at 10pm on Channel 4 or catch up in your own time on All 4. Please share!

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