In essence

Fire & Rain Soul Spas® are retreat holidays with a focus on the “treat” bit. As well as organising these breaks we also offer thoughts and resources you may find interesting or helpful. There are certain values and ways of thinking that underpin everything Fire & Rain is about and does:

It’s important that we look after ourselves and develop a real feel for what’s good for us and what isn’t, who or what we want in our life and what we don’t. To help you do this we want to create an empathetic atmosphere in cosy and inspiring surroundings.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one and precious life? {Mary Oliver}

Connecting with nature can contribute greatly to the healing process and we often feel closest to our loved ones – but also to ourselves – when we have the time and space to really take in how beautiful our planet is and how perfectly everything works in nature. We don’t even need sunshine for this…there is no bad weather!

We believe that everybody has some creative talents somewhere – even if they’re not aware of it at all….the beaches, gardens and forests might inspire you to create…we’ll bring some tools and materials anyway in case you feel like it…

The “five stages of grief” are nonsense. Grief is chaos, crippling, unpredictable, doesn’t follow any rules or pattern. It’s deeply personal and different for everybody. You can’t run away from it, it will always catch up with you. It can sometimes almost feel good to fully lean into the pain as you connect to the love you share with the person you lost.

You need to have been there to really understand. There are all sorts of hurts and losses and each brings their own pain. No matter what the hurt is, only those who have experienced it themselves really understand. Peer support is at the core of Fire & Rain offerings.

What Fire & Rain Soul Spas® are NOT

Formal therapy – although we have experience of and are qualified for counselling to some degree, the breaks cannot replace professional support. We firmly believe that the soul spas will contribute to healing, but if you are seriously struggling you should also seek professional help such as that provided by Cruse Bereavement Care (in the UK).

Religious or New Age – Wrestling with meaning, perspective and purpose most likely leads to exploring spirituality. Spirituality often has a religious or new age ring to it. But when we think about it, all our everyday activities can be spiritual practices. So although this type of “real life spirituality” and some buddhist values are an important part of Fire & Rain’s “ethos”, they aren’t linked to any religion.

Overly clean-eating – Of course it’s important to stay healthy and pay attention to what we eat and drink. But in our opinion an obsession with clean-eating may be counter-productive as it can take away the enjoyment that helps with healing. We take allergies and food intolerances seriously and will also accommodate specific preferences, such as vegetarian diet, as much as we can. But we also promote a tolerant attitude to different tastes, and wine, cakes and chocolate will be on offer for anybody who wants them.

Chocolate with 75% cacao isn’t actually a food…it’s best used as bait in snake traps or to balance the legs on wobbly chairs. {Anne Lamott}

Non-stop entertainment – The programme for each soul spa break combines a mix of some organised, but optional, activities with plenty of free time to read, chat, sleep or do nothing. Such space can be really nice, especially if you’re not used to having time to do nothing. Time and space to just be is essential to the healing process.

It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. {Eleanor Roosevelt}

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