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Fire & Rain Soul Spas® are uplifting retreat holidays for widows and widowers. On these pages for support professionals we have summarised information that will help you assess if someone you work with could be interested and benefit from such a break:

About the retreats
Who they are for and intended outcomes
Working in partnership

About the retreats

Soul Spas offer a safe space to just be and are all about self-care and enjoyment, in the company of people who really understand. Our retreats are created with much attention to detail and combine elements that all have a widely recognised healing effect:

> Nature: walking and just being in nature
> Peer support & mindful alone-time
> Guided tours: exploring a new location with all its treasures
> Sharing stories and experiences; reflection circles
> Delicious food, freshly prepared on site – using local ingredients where possible
> Joint yoga practice
> Mindfulness meditation & exercises
> Creative activities (painting, creating memory objects etc.) and journaling
> Tasteful spaces
> Access to library of helpful resources
> Personal service from the first contact.

The focus is on self-care and enjoyment – as much as this is possible after experiencing great loss. The Soul Spas do not involve formal therapy. Instead there is a programme of enjoyable activities where everything is optional, with plenty free time to just drift, relax and explore. Guests find time and space to be alone, but with the option to dip in and out of warm, compassionate company whenever they feel like it.

A Soul Spa typically runs over 6 days (5 overnight stays) and group sizes are between 5 and 10 guests. Prices for the all-inclusive packages start at £1340 (flights and other travel to and from the retreat location are not included). While all Soul Spas have mindfulness techniques built into the programme, some (marked as mindfulness soul spas) include a more in-depth mindfulness course led by Dr Avinash Bansode. Avinash runs Mindfullybeing and is Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain at Edinburgh University. He has been teaching mindfulness for over 15 years.

From widows for widows and widowers

Inspired by her own healing journey following the sudden death of her fiancé, founder Ute Amann-Seidel set up Fire & Rain. Through Fire & Rain Soul Spas, Ute and her co-hosts want to share some of the things that have helped them heal after loss with others in a similar situation. The team have relevant experience and skills which they keep developing further, but also warm and compassionate personalities that make the Soul Spas healing and uplifting experiences.


Who the retreats are for and intended outcomes
Working in partnership

You can find information on upcoming Soul Spas here.

You can also download the information for support professionals as pdf: Fire & Rain info for support professionals