These pages cover lots of things you may need or want to know. They also cover the terms and conditions – there’s no small print at Fire & Rain! If there’s anything we haven’t covered- just ask using the contact form.


Who are Fire & Rain soul spas for? 

Women and men who have lost their life partner – spouse, fiancé, girlfriend or boyfriend – and feel like taking some time out in a both relaxing and inspiring environment. An enjoyable holiday in a “safe space”.

Does it matter how long ago I was bereaved? 

No. But if you’re newly bereaved and the grief is still very raw the soul spas might not be the right thing for you. If you’re seeing a counsellor you may want to check with them what they think.

Do you provide counselling or therapy?

There is no formal counselling involved although we all have experience and/or are qualified to provide the right type of support where needed. Nature, feelgood surroundings and a compassionate atmosphere will also have a healing and therapeutic effect.

Can I bring someone else with me? 

Yes, if you want to bring a close friend or a family member to the soul spa they’re welcome to join. Make sure you both state clearly at the time of booking that you’re coming together and we will allocate one of the twin rooms to you.

Can I bring my children?

No. Soul spas aren’t geared towards younger children. If you want to join with an adult daughter or son (18+), that’s fine. They will have to pay the same price though. There are organisations who offer holidays for “bereaved families”. Please contact us if you need more information about this.

Can I take part if I have suffered a loss of a different kind, such as losing a parent or a child? 

Only if you’re coming together with someone who has lost their life partner since this is the focus for Fire & Rain soul spas at the moment. There are other losses who have similar devastating effects on people’s lives, but they are different in several ways. We don’t rule out broadening the focus through other types of soul spas in the future though. Drop us a message to register your interest.

Will this not be a really depressing holiday? 

No, we’re confident that the spirit of the break will be inspiring and uplifting despite, or maybe even because, we’ve survived the experience of great loss.

What if I feel really bad and have some sort of crisis? 

The soul spas offer a safe space and compassionate environment, and we will be there to talk and figure out what might help you in a particular situation. We also have access to emergency support if needed.

Do you only offer soul spas in Scotland? 

At the moment, yes. But never say never….

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