1-2-1 Soul Spa

Do none of the scheduled Soul Spas fit with your holiday plans? Or are you just not sure about spending your first break since getting widowed in a group, but still want to come on an uplifting feel-good break in Scotland?

From 2018 we’ll also be offering bespoke 1-2-1 Soul Spas with the historic town Linlithgow by Edinburgh as the main base. They will be completely tailored to your needs and preferences – you pick:

  • your preferred dates (subject to availability)
  • the balance between free time and trips/ walks to explore the area nearby or further afield
  • creative activities that could inspire you
  • and much more.

A safe space…an uplifting break spent alone without being lonely…

More information will follow soon. Drop us a note if this could be for you and you have questions or suggestions. You can sign up for our newsletter here.


2 thoughts on “1-2-1 Soul Spa

    1. Hi Caroline, many thanks for your interest in Fire & Rain. The first step will be a non-binding chat over the phone to find out more about what your interests are in terms of places to see, creative activities, and so on. From that we can put together some suggestions with prices for you to choose from before you commit to anything. You can use the form on the “Book Your Space” page to provide some basic details, including your phone number and when would suit you for a chat. Speak soon. Ute x

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