Nature Nurture ~ Mindfulness Soul Spa


When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful. {Barbara Bloom}

15-20 September 2018, Isle of Arran, Scotland (now closed for bookings)


  • 5 nights in luxury accommodation close to the beach
  • All meals – freshly made and where possible from local seasonal ingredients
  • Snacks and beverages (coffee, teas, hot chocolate, fruit juices, freshly made smoothies, alcoholic drinks in moderation)
  • Walks & joint yoga practice
  • Daily mindfulness meditation, exercises, walks and teachings led by Dr Avinash Bansode
  • Creative activities
  • Guided tour of the island
  • Excursion to Holy Isle (weather allowing)
  • Minibus and ferry transport during the stay when travelling as a group
  • Fire & Rain journal
  • Materials for creative activities
  • Access to support resources and library
  • A few little surprises

Price per person: GBP 1490 (twin room) / GBP 1650 (double room for single occupancy)

Reserve your space here! 

We are delighted to work with Dr Avinash Bansode on this retreat whose particular passion is teaching a kind and mindful approach to living. You can find out more on Avinash here. He defines mindfulness as a kind way of being in the here and now. This means being kind to others, all creatures and the planet, but also and especially to yourself. Self care is such an important part of the healing process and you don’t need to have a background in mindfulness, Buddhism or meditation to benefit from this retreat. The teachings and exercises will help you move forward through your experience of loss while enjoying beautiful nature, creativity, inspiring company and great food.

Arran ~ Scotland in Miniature

The beautiful Sottish island Arran is often called “Scotland in Miniature” as it combines a variety of different landscapes in one smallish island. The so-called Highland Fault Line, which runs through the middle, divides the mountainous north end from the lush pastures of the south end. For information on how to get to there please check out the practicalities pages.

The beach right outside our accommodation

Weather allowing, we take the small ferry across to Holy Isle with its ancient spiritual heritage on one of the days. Holy Isle has a long spiritual history, stretching back to the 6th century, and has an ancient healing spring, the hermit-cave of a 6th Century monk, St Molaise, and evidence of a 13th Century Christian Monastery. And during a tour of Arran with our local driver guide George you get to see all the best locations of this island.

Reserve your space here! 

Accommodation & catering

Our accommodation, the luxurious Big Beach House, is right on the beach in Whiting Bay. Needless to say the views are stunning…and you would be tempted to just sit and look out the window if there weren’t so many other tempting things on offer. The house is freshly and tastefully decorated and has nine bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two spacious living areas with wood burning stoves.

We may have the occasional meal out but most meals will be freshly prepared in-house by Alison or Lesley. The focus is on delicious as well as healthy, with high quality ingredients, where possible organic and locally sourced. Oh, and of course I need to mention cake!

Ute will compose some extra special smoothies for you and we’ll definitely bring a supply of caliente (really thick hot chocolate with chilli) for you to enjoy by the fire. Good coffee and a selection of black and herbal teas, as well as soft drinks will be available throughout. You can also help yourself to wine and prosecco (in moderation). Enjoyment is good for you. We will, of course, respect and accommodate any food intolerances and dietary preferences as much as we can (please provide info at the time of booking).

Reserve your space here! 

Feelgood programme full of tasty treats

Enjoying and being in the here and now, with all this brings along, are at the core of all Soul Spas.

Hiking – walking allows us to really see, feel and smell the stunning environments in Arran. The group will venture out to explore coastal paths and moorland hills. Walks average 1-3 hours.

Island tour – on a guided tour round the island we’ll visit ancient sites such as the dramatic standing stones at Machrie Moor and King’s Cave with its Pictish engravings. Weather allowing, we will also arrange a trip to Holy Isle in Lamlash Bay, which is home to a Buddhist retreat centre (closed to visitors in the winter).

Yoga practice – yoga has helped us on our own journeys and the soul spa location is ideal for some mindful exercise. We may occasionally invite a qualified yoga teacher along, but usually this will be joint or individual yoga practice supported by a video rather than an instructed class with on-site teacher. Mats and a large selection of videos of all lengths and types will be available.

Creative stuff – you don’t need to be an artist and even if you think you have no creative bone in your body we can guarantee that you’ll be enjoying some or all of the creative activities we’ve built into the break. The beach alone offers beautiful materials, and we’ll bring along others so you can create memory objects and more. We’ve quite a few tasty surprises in store for you to get your creative juices flowing.

Reflection and mindfulness – mindfulness is a kind way of being in the here and now. The advice grieving people often get is to just take one day at a time. And it makes sense. But sometimes you can only bear looking at one hour at a time, or even one minute. Mindfulness and living in the moment isn’t a complicated science but very simple, really. Avinash will offer talks, and some simple tools and exercises, including guided meditation, to help you lean into this approach to living. We’ll also bring along our library of books and resources for you to rummage around in.

A daily schedule may be:

  • Mindfulness moves and morning meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Mindfulness teaching
  • Island tour incl. walk (and picnic weather allowing)
  • Coffee/ tea & cake, followed by free time
  • Dinner
  • Reflect / relax / chat

There will be plenty time to relax and drift, and every day has some creative ideas and activities built in.


The little things

Fire & Rain soul spas have been planned and designed with much attention to detail to make everything as enjoyable as possible for our guests. We keep adding things and ideas whenever we come across something inspiring or useful, such as a journal to scribble down your thoughts and notes during your stay. And you don’t have to worry if you’ve forgotten our toothbrush or body lotion. Our hospitality basket will be filled with useful things, just in case.

So….reserve your space here! 


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