Pics & Feedback

We’ve got lots of positive feedback and comments we want to share with you, along with some photos…

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What an amazing experience to be able to “just be”, with others who have suffered the same loss. I’ve laughed so much til my sides ached, and cried! I feel like I’ve known these people forever. An anxiety I felt at the start was quick to subside. Thank you Ute for giving me this amazing Soul Spa. Thank you Sarah for your giving yoga sessions and Lesley for your amazing food. Feeling blessed for being a part of this. Sheila xxxx


Dear Ute, Sarah & Lesley – aka, The Dream Team! There are some occasions in life where it’s difficult to find the right words & as I try to write this, it’s one of those times! Thank you doesn’t seem adequate enough, but, for all that generosity of spirit, in different ways from each of you, I do indeed want to say a massive thank you. Ute – you deserve for Fire & Rain to go from strength to strength – it’s so inspirational and very much needed. Sarah – your passion for yoga and creative writing knows no bounds – thank you for teaching us. Lesley – beavering away in the kitchen – so calm, so knowledgeable about food and sustaining our appetite with wondrous meals. And as for the wonderful, strong women I have met & spent the last 5 days with…well, I feel like I’ve known you all for 5 years not 5 days. Thank you all for your love, your listening, your strength & for all the tears – both sadness & hilarity! With my love, Jane xxxxx


I’d been so nervous and was amazed how quickly I felt relaxed in this wonderful place with you all. I felt so taken care of. My soul feels nourished and I have learned so much. What a wonderful experience, thank you! All my love, Ruth xxx


You have given me back the gift of time. Time to spend with my grief in the presence of others who have had the same experience. Crazy how we can meet on Saturday and be lifelong friends by Wednesday. The time spent with you has been nothing short of amazing!!! To travel across the world to an unknown place. You have welcomed me, made me feel safe and so included with all of you. My heartfelt love and peace to each of you for this amazing journey. Love Jill


I didn’t think I’d be on another soul spa! The first was amazing and got me through the first holiday. This one, at another stage of my grief journey, was more than I could ever imagine. Thank you to my fellow re-treatants for stirring the laughter & the tears & the hysteria. I feel so blessed to have been with you and shared this part of your journey through grief. The journey none of us wanted to be on. Thank you Ute & Sarah for your care and love. Thank you Lesley for your food and love. Yvonne xxxxx


Going on holiday for the first time since Jon died was never going to be easy. I am so glad I found Fire & Rain. Ute and Alison were perfect hosts and just as the website promised what we did was flexible and optional. Thank you Ute, for having the inspiration to do this & for your artistic flair. thank you Alison, for the amazing food. Thank you both for your openness & wisdom. With love & grateful thanks, Yvonne


You are one of my first steps on my journey from who & where I was to who and where I shall become. The place and company, not to mention the food, were all that I could have wished for. It has been so helpful to spend time with you all. With many thanks, Janet


Liebe Ute, liebe Alison, ich habe einen langen Weg auf mich genommen, um zu Euch nach Arran zu kommen – es hat sich wahrlich gelohnt. Das Big Beach House ist ein wundervoller Ort, um die Seele baumeln zu lassen und neue Kraft zu tanken. Mit viel Fuersorge und Hingabe habt Ihr fuer uns gesorgt. So fuehlte ich mich frei und doch niemals alleine. Wir hatten die Moeglichkeit uns auszutauschen, in einem geschuetzten Raum, was sehr wichtig ist. Ich danke Euch, fuer die wundervollen Tage und kehre gestaerkt nach Muenchen zurueck. Gehabt Euch wohl! Herzlichst, Erina


Translation of the feedback form a German guest (see above):

I travelled a long way to come and stay with you in Arran – and it was so worth it. The Big Beach House is a wonderful place to just be and recharge your batteries. You both looked after us with so much care and dedication. I felt free but never lonely. We could share thoughts and experiences, in a safe space, which is very important. I thank you for the wonderful days and return to Munich with new strength. 




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