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Self-care retreats in Scotland for widows and widowers…space to just be, in the company of people who REALLY understand.

Fire & Rain Soul Spa®

Inspiring self-care retreats for those of us who have lost their life partner. Space to just be....connect with nature and enjoy delicious food and wine....walk (if you like) (if you like) creative (if you like) the company of people who REALLY understand

Welcome to Fire & Rain

Inspiring retreat holidays for widows and widowers

When you’ve lost the person who was at the centre of your life – lover, companion and best friend – you may still want to go on holiday, away from it all, to a beautiful place. But not necessarily on your own, nor with people who mean well but still have their “normal” life….and least of all on a singles holiday where the focus is on finding a new partner.

Fire & Rain Soul Spas® give you space to take a break in feelgood surroundings in Scotland, to enjoy life as much as you can in this “new normal”. Tempted to use the word hygge for what we are offering……  Sitting in the cosy lounge reading or chatting next to the wood fire, with a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of prosecco (why not? ;))….watching the sunset on the beach….hiking up a hill…savouring delicious food…..spotting rainbows and robins. Everybody in the group will have their own story – which they may want to share or not – but we’ll all be in the same situation in that we have to try and make sense of it all. None of us have chosen this….but we’re still here and why not make the most of it and treat ourselves?

For these almost-all-inclusive packages we have organised some things you may enjoy: walks, island tours, talks, some guided meditation and creative things…but everything is optional and it’s up to you if you join in or just want to set off on your own to enjoy the inspiring locations.

Upcoming retreats

Please have a look around this website and get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions. Click here for reviews and photos of previous Soul Spas. And please share the link with anyone who could benefit from taking an uplifting soul spa break – thank you :).


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What an amazing experience to be able to “just be”, with others who have suffered the same loss. I’ve laughed so much til my sides ached, and cried! I feel like I’ve known these people forever. An anxiety I felt at the start was quick to subside. {Sheila, Hebridean Wildscapes Soul Spa in Mull, May 2018}

An unsere deutschsprachigen Besucher: Fire & Rain organisiert Retreat-Urlaube in Schottland für Frauen und Männer die ihren Lebenspartner verloren haben. Die Inhalte dieser Website sind zwar auf Englisch, wir können aber auch gern auf Deutsch kommunizieren. Schicken Sie einfach eine Nachricht über das Kontaktformular.

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