Bereavement Support Groups

Widow & widower support groups, organisations & networks

WAY Widowed & Young: a lifeline for many

The Loss Foundation: The Warriors of Compassion of the Loss Foundation provide support to people who have lost loved ones to cancer; spouses, family members, friends. They have a website with helpful resources and offer in-person support in London and Oxford in the form of bereavement support groups and other supportive social events.

Cruse Bereavement Care offer support to people who have experienced the loss of someone close – in Scotland:, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: (they have very long waiting lists though!)

GriefChat®: founded in 2017 in response to the long waiting times experienced by many bereaved people trying to find support. GriefChat offer free of charge counselling.

Support After Suicide Partnership: network of organisations that support people who have been bereaved or affected by suicide a charitable movement of people across the UK who are passionate about enabling the bereaved to receive the support that they need – in easing the pain together. Committed to providing effective signposting to organisations that support the bereaved. One of the charity’s projects – Bereavement Support for Men (BSM) – gives opportunities for men to gather around activities and food, helping to provide a better understanding of their grief journey and to support them during times of loss.

Aspetos – German language bereavement support network and portal. Offers useful resources and an online forum

Option B – a resource dedicated to helping build resilience in the face of adversity, including dealing with grief

The Good Grief Trust: portal to bereavement services, signposting to national and local support.

Other resources

Mindfullybeing – mindfulness training and resources by Dr Avinash Bansode, who also leads on the mindfulness programme for some Fire & Rain Soul Spas  (also see co-hosts)

The Free Mindfulness Project – contains downloadable guided meditations (free)

Mental Health Foundation and mindfulness

A collection of tools and resources to accompany and accelerate the healing journey of those living with grief and/or trauma

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